IM MAUI was founded in 2012. Originally starting out selling Vintage and accessories in quirky London markets. Two friends collaborating to bring together a final vision of a unique well-being website.
One of us bringing our background of being an artist, designer and the other an exercise instructor and performer, we collaborated to merge our skills. We took the exciting journey together in becoming Yoga and Meditation teachers and wanted to share this through our website. We both share our experiences on our knowledge of yoga, meditation, self development, exercise, natural beauty, therapy, 12 step recovery and more.

IM MAUI first came into manifestation from our own challenges of finding a single website for all our interests in the health and well being industry.
Continually going from one website to another and appreciating all the knowledge on the these sites, we decided to design a space that encompasses all the areas of health and vitality that we are passionate about. On the feeling that well-being is not fragmented, we were inspired to integrate many genres. This focuses on all aspects of lifestyle to create a holistic approach to living.