The inspiration for the name IM MAUI came after reading and learning about words with a spirited meaning.

After reading a highly insightful book “Women that run with Wolves” by DR Clarissa Pinkola Estes, which is a thought provoking read on discovering and reclaiming the authentic Self, we decided that names with a spiritual aspect to represent our brand was the direction we wanted to go in…..

After a few weeks of researching Latin names and names with other conscious or spiritual themes with stumbled upon MAUI. We had a real connection with MAUI and after exploring some of the history of the word we chose it as our brand name. 

“MAUI” origins lie in sacred texts and even though there is not a clear clarification for the name, it may refer to strength and beauty. It may also mean “to live”. The feeling around the word resonated with us and we thought there was a strengthening message in the name. In the early stages we had a word play with MAUI, arranging the lettering and getting creative in the design phase. It was at this point that we pondered on the sections of well being and divided the letters to create a balanced feel to the brand.

We then separated the word into four segments Mindful, Aware, Unique, Individual. There were aspects in all of these Statements that we found empowering, encouraging and inspiring. Merging the origins of the meaning “to live” and approaching this in a Mindful, Aware, Unique and Individual way. Eventually we knew we wanted to create a sense of individuality to the brand, so finally IM was added to MAUI to create a personal affirmation feel to the name.