Why run?

There are so many benefits to running - it keeps you fit, releases feel good hormones, relieves stress,helps you stay focused… however it’s all great how much running offers you but like a few mentioned but if (like me) who struggle to put their running shoes on and go for that run, jog or walk then what use are they.

For me, I have battled, procrastinated, made excuses and even lied to myself to stop myself from going out for a run. I have read suggestions made on running blogs / sites, bought running magazines, joined running clubs, set reminders on my phone -

  1.  even laid out all my gear right by my bedside the night before (it was staring at me)
  2.  worn my gear to sleep so I had no choice but to go (I was already wearing it!)

So why did I still manage to NOT go?

It’s cliche to say that it’s changing the mindset. As Nike’s mantra “Just do it” is much easier said than done, I had to find a way to change this inside of me before I could reap any of the running benefits. As simple as it sounds (and I guess this could be applied to most things in life) it’s thinking of how you feel after. Yep, that simple. Ask yourself, have you ever gone to a class that you made arrangements with your friend which sounded like a great idea at the time, come the day of the class wanted to back out or make some excuse like you'd been working late because you simply couldn’t be bothered?

Then the guilt kicks in when they say how they were looking forward to the class, you don’t want to let them down, so you go along and actually feel so much better for doing so! The same applies to running. 9 times out 10* I always have this feeling of ”I actually did it” and somewhat a little proud of myself for doing so - twenty minutes into a long run. I did it and felt great for it. That’s all that mattered. Next time your running shoes are staring at you, and you can’t be bothered, think of when you last went for a run and how it felt after. Hold that thought in your hand and heart. And before you know it, a habit is formed and running becomes part of your day-to-day life. You decide.

 Me actually testing my new trainers

Me actually testing my new trainers

*Now if you wondering about why I didn’t say 10 out of 10, it’s because I’m human and I suffer from ladies monthlys, hangovers and genuinely really can’t be bothered.