What a beautiful little haven. This place was discovered after my partner suggested we go in for a coffee. (He had read up on Kismet as one of the cafes to visit in Makati).

As you enter, it is colourful and bright, with beautifully, illustrated, inspirational quotes on the wall – a far cry from the hustle and bustle of outside. A holistic cafe offering you more than just coffee which is sourced from Northern Philippines supporting local communities. I ordered the “comforting Pandan” tea which was absolutely delicious.  The choice of foods is a delight as well, it offers you a range of baked organic treats, gluten free pizza and vegan produces. Great choice for those that want to introduce a natural approach to their lifestyle or if you are health conscious.

 Beautifully, illustrated Kismet Cafe

Beautifully, illustrated Kismet Cafe

The staff are friendly, helpful and attentive. And there is also a book library where you can borrow and donate books for free.

This is the first place I have encountered in the Philippines to offer a range of natural foods and holistic remedies. I would definitely recommend this place if you ever take a trip to Makati, Philippines. It’s your  getaway to boost your holistic and energy needs and it’s definitely a real treat any time of the week. I can’t wait to come again :)